Saturday, June 24, 2006

Acid Reflux and Cancer?

Did anyone see 20/20 on ABC last night (6/23/06). The topic was on busting health myths and rumors that we've all come to believe of the years. I only caught the end of the segment but I swear John Stossel was saying that there is a direct relation between Acid Reflux (GERD) and ESOPHAGEAL CANCER. Now I know that acid in the esophagus is no good and can lead to EE which stands for EROSIVE ESOPHAGITIS, but is that Cancer? It was pretty interesting they showed a healthy esophagus and one with EE and you could clearly see the damage the acid caused over time.

One thing they pointed out that could be a problem is the use of all these medicines that mask the pain of acid reflux. John's guest was a some doctor who said that people should not mask the pain of acid for too long without having it checked out by a doctor. The medicines take the pain away but the acid is still there doing damage. So please have a checkup if the acid is continuing for a longer period of times, I think he said more than 2 weeks.


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